Website repair is part of what we do. Read what Forbes says about the most common online mistakes made.

If you have a website that has stopped working, there’s a good chance that the website was built utilizing an old technology. PHP4 is a good example, many websites that were built more than 10 years ago were built utilizing PHP4 or an earlier version. PHP4 is now obsolete and all support was completely discontinued as of August 1, 2008.

Network Solutions, which is one of the largest hosting companies in the world upgraded their servers to PHP5 in April 2008, and many websites they hosted stopped working because they were incompatible with PHP5.

Dallas Website Design has been designing and building websites in PHP5 since it was released in 2004.

Another common cause of broken websites are updates to web browsers. When Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or other browsers are updated, it can cause websites to no longer display correctly.

If you have a website that has stopped working, is not functioning correctly or no longer displays correctly, we can fix it. Whether the issue is due to an upgraded or outdated technology, web browser updates or something else, we can get your website working or displaying correctly again.

Much of the website repair work we do is for reasons other than a broken website. Many Dallas and Houston web designers are very creative and artistic. They think about the website design and have little or no understanding of business, marketing, programming or search engine optimization. We focus not only on the website design, but also on business aspects, to insure that your website is a revenue center and generating profit for your business.

You can have the most beautiful website on the internet, but not be getting a fraction of the business your website is capable of generating. Let us start with the obvious, we urge our clients to list their complete company name, street address and telephone number on every page of the website. If a customer can not find your telephone number in a few seconds, they may click to another site. Would you input your credit card number into a website that did not list a phone number? Never ask your customer to do something you would not do.

Other repairs that we commonly see and correct are broken links on a website, error notifications, replacing outdated information or pictures, adding or replacing pages to a website, repairing websites that cannot be found or indexed by Search Engines, correcting bad programming or coding, migrating websites to new platforms, providing additional integration or functionality to websites, and upgrading from obsoleted technologies.