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Web hosting is the process of storing your website on a server which is connected to the Internet.  Some companies charge as much as $150 per month for hosting.  Many web design firms make more money hosting a website than they do building it.  Some web design companies also make it difficult or impossible to move your website away from their servers.

Many hosting companies offer cut-rate hosting plans offering large amounts of storage space and bandwidth. The absolute truth is that they bank on their clients never using even 1/10 of that space or bandwidth, and for any that do they simply terminate those accounts. If a company offers 500 or 1,000 Gigabytes or an unlimited amount of storage space and/or 100 or more Gigabytes of bandwidth for $5.00 or $10.00 per month, they either enjoy losing money or never intend to fulfill on the hosting plan.

Most hosting companies place anywhere from 200 to 2,000 websites on each of their shared hosting servers and provide shared I.P. addresses, and hosting companies are generally not at all selective in the accounts they accept.  Most hosting companies will allow you to purchase and setup web hosting online instantly.  How does that affect you?  If your website is hosted on a server with 400 other websites and any of those sites have poor coding, high resource usage or start getting a lot of traffic, it could cause your website to load slowly, or worse yet, cause visitors to your website to get “Page Cannot Be Displayed” errors.  Another potential problem with many hosting companies is that if your website is on a server that is also hosting pornographic or scam websites and/or websites engaged in mass e-mail marketing campaigns, your website could be penalized by search engines and/or your e-mail blacklisted.

Another consideration is that hackers are far more interested in breaking into servers that host many websites, as the more websites on a server the more damage they can do.  Servers that are hosting a lot of websites are also far more likely to be the target of Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your web designer were to go out of business?   If his company owns your domain name and hosts your website, you just lost the website and probably will not be able to get it back.  We believe that a client who pays for a website should own their domain name and have their own hosting account, in their name.  If you have a website and do not own the domain name or have your own hosting account, Dallas Website Design can assist you in getting the domain name transferred into your name and the website installed on one of our servers, with a hosting account in your name.

Professional web hosting means having emergency generators to provide electricity for up to 2 weeks during power outages, high bandwidth capacity, multiple connection paths to the Internet, complete redundancy, and separate (not shared) IP addresses available for each website.  Professional hosting means having a secure server available for clients who accept credit cards or need to transfer information securely over the web.  Professional hosting means not having to think about your web hosting, and your website NEVER going down.

Professional web hosting also means having a company that actually answers their telephones and are willing to help when you need them.  We at Dallas Website Design are always available when you need us.  That means that if it’s Sunday night and you can’t get an important e-mail out because your e-mail address has been blacklisted for suspected spamming, we are a phone call away.  Many hosting companies would tell you that they cannot help with blacklistings, and leave you to your own devices in trying to figure out how to resolve the problem.  Not Dallas Website Design!  If you have a problem in sending or receiving ANY e-mail, we will work with you to determine which service(s) blacklisted you, and why, and we will get the issue resolved, sometimes within just a few minutes.

Dallas Website Design offers professional hosting accounts to our web design clients.  Our hosting packages are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and include unlimited e-mail accounts, autoresponders, spam filters, web based e-mail access, website monitoring, traffic and statistics tools, as well as a firewall and malware protection.  We host a maximum of 50 accounts per server and utilize servers with dual Intel Quad Core processors, 64 Gigabytes of RAM, 100Mbps ports and multiple redundant connections to the internet backbone for the fastest response times and page processing speeds.

Our prices for hosting services generally range from $25.00 per month for standard business accounts, to $50.00 per month for multiple website hosting plans

Your website is an integral part of your business and a store front to the world.  The difference between a $5.00 or $10.00 a month cut rate hosting account and hosting with Dallas Website Design could mean the difference between a prospective customer finding your website and making a buying decision, or getting a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” message and clicking away to a competitors website.