When we build your website, we will assist you in selecting a website address and in registering the domain. We put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect domain name for your business. It should be short, easy to spell, and easy to remember.

You will sometimes need to give your website address to someone who does not have time to enter it into their phone or write it down – they must be able to remember it. Therefore, you should have a domain name that is simple. For the purpose of search engine optimization, it also helps greatly to have your keywords in the domain name.

If you own Jack’s Auto Body Shop in Dallas, the perfect domain name would not be JacksAutoBody.com. The best domain name would be DallasAutoBodyRepair.com or AutoBodyShopDallas.com. When people use search engines they generally don’t have a specific business or website in mind and will type in keywords to identify what it is they are looking for. However, If someone knows the name of your business that’s what they will type into the search field, and since your name is unique you will still come up at the top in the search results. Try to use only easy to spell words and nothing that could be confusing. Everyone knows how to spell the words: auto, body, repair and Dallas.

One of the secrets to success on the Internet is in having a domain name that everyone can spell, easily remember, and that says what you do.

Some web design companies offer to handle the domain name registration and purchase for you, and while having them do it for you may seem like an added convenience, the reality is if you do not register the domain yourself you do not own it, and if the company that registered the domain for you were to go out of business without first transferring the domain into your name, it is not an easy task to gain possession of the domain.   That is just one of the reasons why we encourage our clients and prospective clients to take care of the domain name registration themselves.