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Big Cheese Rodents

Big Cheese Rodents originally came to us about a year earlier looking to have some glitches fixed on their website, after the web developer that originally built the website decided that they didn’t want to do web design any more.  We made the corrections for them, and didn’t hear from them for about a year, when they came back to us with more glitches that had popped up.

The website was originally built in the WordPress Content Management System, but a number of modifications had been made and now obsoleted third party plugins installed that prevented the website from being able to be updated.  We got the website working again, but advised the client that it would only be a matter of time before another issue arose, and explained why any fixes we were to make would only be temporary band-aids, but that we could redevelop the website in a way that the website could be updated and the problems they had been having would not resurface in the future.

Big Cheese Rodents decided that redeveloping the website was their best option and we began the project.  We built the new website duplicating the functionality of the old website, but without using any third party plugins or making modifications to the coding that would prevent future updates to the website from being applied.

Once we completed development we then optimized the images, content and coding to make the website load quickly and rank as high as possible in Search Engines.

The end result is that the Big Cheese Rodent factory now have a website that can be updated as updates are released and will not break or become obsolete because of a change in technology, or a required update that could not be incorporated.  Additionally, with the updated website came some additional functionality that wasn’t available in the old website.