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Big Citi Loops

Jamil from Big Citi Loops first came to Dallas Website Design to have us fix an issue with customer purchase emails that were not being sent out, after the company that originally built his website had not responded to his requests for help for more than 2 weeks. We corrected the issue for him in less than a day. He contacted us again a couple of weeks later after finally receiving a reply from the other web design company informing him that they had gone through his website and that since they had not been performing regular maintenance on the website it was critical that he begin upgrading the website or the site would begin to fail. They also estimated it would take a minimum of 45-50 hours to do so, and would discount the price from $125.00 an hour to $95.00 per hour.

We went through the website and found that it had been created in a programming language that was essentially no longer in use, and using a Content Management System that had been completely abandoned by the developer. We then suggested that he have a completely new website built in WordPress, that would continually update itself and prevent him from ending up in that situation again.

We began by creating a new design concept for him, then building out the website in the WordPress Framework and Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce Solution. The end result is that Jamil and Big Citi Loops now have a brand new website that offers far more functionality and the ability to easily add additional functionality and features as needed, will not become obsolete, is far easier to manage and maintain, and to add and edit products.