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Premier Pain Care first came to us many  years ago looking to redesign and redevelop an existing website that was old, dated and not very intuitive or easy to navigate.  The website was huge, consisting of over 100 pages, with links to pages buried within links of other pages and the website was badly in need of a number of  updates.

We created a new custom design concept for the client, then started building out the website and consolidating the information into several sections with clearly laid out navigation to make the website far more user friendly and intuitive.

The new website we developed still had well over 100 pages, but everything was laid out clearly, without appearing overbearing, jumbled or confusing and available with just a single mouse click.

The client recently came to us interested in building another website for a new Practice they were establishing and providing a makeover to the Premier Pain Care Website.

We redesigned the Premier Pain Care website and built a new website for their Regenerative Spine & Joint Institute Practice.  We built both website within the WordPress Content Management System, to allow the client to easily manage the website and make additions, edits or revisions as necessary.  Both websites were developed utilizing responsive web design to insure that the sites will display right on any device and in any browser.

We also optimized the websites to load quickly and rank well in the Search Engines.  The image below is a GTtrix screen capture showing performance scores and page load speed.

The client is very pleased with Dallas Website Design, have websites they can be proud of, and that are able to evolve and grow with their Practices.