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Christian Outreach Center

The Christian Outreach Center came to Dallas Website Design through a referral from one of our other clients.  They were interested in revamping their existing website that was built in around 2005 and looked quite dated.  They also wanted to add some additional functionality.

We started by creating a fresh design concept for them, then began building the website in the WordPress Content Management System, which makes it easy for them to administer, manage and add to or update the website.  They previously had links to third party websites on the old website linking to forms, reports and other ministry services.  When building the new website we removed those links to the third party websites and instead embedded the various forms and login screens directly into the new website.  We also added work scheduling functionality, so each of the employees and volunteers can view their work schedules directly on the website.

Upon completing the website we then optimized the images and content to load quickly and rank well in search engines.

The end result is that the Christian Outreach Center now has a fresh new website that is easy to maintain and update as needed, and enables their users to access services and functions directly on their website that they previously needed to visit third party websites to access.